I’m Nathan Sweeney

Over the last 12 odd years I’ve had the pleasure of working with some great companies, working side by side to design and develop new infrastructure and improve upon existing platforms.

I would like to use this platform to give out the answers to many questions I get asked both technical and business related.
#Azure #Microsoft #Cloud #M365 #O365

I started my career early on at school where I found out that I could bypass the internet proxy filter and get access to the full internet rather than the filtered one. As you can imagine this made me quite popular between my peers.

Fast forwarding a few years and at University I started doing freelance web development in #Joomla, #PHP, #MySql and #JavaScript whilst studying for my degree in Internet Technology.

Whilst this paid for some nights out and a few holidays it wasnt what I thouht would be my career moving forward. Identifying this early on allowed me to decide on the next few steps in the jobs I would take.

After working in different support levels and trying to compete against the mass of people in the support arena for jobs, I started to specialise in Unified Communications.

Implementing and supporting a #Siemens HiPath 8000 and consolidating mobile contracts throughout europe become my area.

However I always had the itch and want to do my own thing so I decided to take a step back and go work for an IT company rather than being part of a shared service within an organisation.

During this time I was working shifts and it allowed me to have time which I could start building a business. So I did.

Whilst I enjoyed the running the business it wasnt giving me what I wanted so I decided to shut it down and focus on my career in the company I was working for.

I then quickly started progressing and found a mentor which I have to say was one of the defining moments in my career.

My mentor allowed me to visualise where I was, where I wanted to be, what I needed to do to get there and not be afraid if that was somewhere else.

This allowed me to map out my journey (corney I know) and whenever I got that promotion or job change I would then reassess and do the same again.

One thing I would say at this point is I had passion in what I wanted to do. I liked to talking to businesses about what they wanted to achieve, the problems that they had and ultimately improving the customer service through the use of technology.

This passion for the success of my customers is what I bring with me to this day when designing any type of infrastructure. Not just the companies that I work for but also there end customers as this is sometimes overlooked.

I hope this gives you a small insight into me, my career and my passions.


Before my technology career I had a few years as a chef, bar supervisor and pub manager. This allowed me to understand customer service and its somethin I bring with me into the tecnology sector and everything that I do.