I am not a pilot

I’m a Copilot

I know . . . . . . . .



is he?

I am a seasoned Azure Cloud Architect, with deep expertise in cloud technologies and innovative solutions. With over 15 years in the industry, I have spearheaded numerous successful projects, leveraging technical knowledge to drive digital and business transformation.

Beyond the world of technology, I am an active member of the Microsoft community. I founded both the South Coast Summit and the South Coast User Group demonstrating my commitment to social responsibility and collaborative growth. 

Whilst founding is not enough I also speak at user groups and conferences in the community as a way of giving back.

I have always had the below philosophy, or aim, in mind when organising and running events, attending or speaking at them: 1 person learns something new and/or makes a new connection then I am happy. This belief drives every project I undertake and shapes my approach to technology and innovation.

Looking ahead, Nathan envisions a future where technology continues to enhance and enrich our lives. He is dedicated to staying at the forefront of cloud architecture.

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